About Us

Our Experience

118845764286495.QyHSmqVmIdVE3LgvCdFT_height640At Peter Ross Group our management team has over 80 years of combined experience in the waterproofing industry. Most of this experience is in the high rain areas of Western Canada, Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii.

Our Understanding

  • We understand that when assessing a project it is more than utilizing a length-times-width mentality, and that each new construction or restoration project has its own unique set of challenges.
  • We also understand the strengths and weaknesses of the materials and systems we install. That is why we incorporate a full fabric reinforcement into all of our black line systems. This allows the system to experience the expansion and contraction of the substrate and not crack and tear, which adds to the life of the system.
  • We add our experienced input to that of the architect, owner, developer, and general contractor to establish effective criteria for system requirements and cost estimating.

The Peter Ross Group of Companies installs more than 5,000,000 square feet of waterproofing each year.

We never compromise the system criteria or quality

Quality Assurance

118845764286491.hlcUqSzfJgaFsBLCyvTv_height640Quality assurance is a practice that begins at the project’s conception and remains an integral part of our operation long after the system has been applied.

Peter Ross Group of Companies Assurance

  • Our resposibility

    • Does not end with the completion of the project
    • Goes beyond the duration of the warranty
    • With periodic conscientious inspections and proper on-going maintenance, your Peter Ross system should endure many years of worry free service well beyond the warranty period.
    • Our finished systems truly protect the owner’s construction investment.
  • 118845764286497.iVgYrv7jTFvxPVQEstT7_height640Application

    • Even the best materials will provide unsatisfactory results if not properly applied. There can be no short-cuts to a successful application.
    • Our experienced technicians are trained to apply our materials and to recognize the scope of potential work-in-progress problems, and the need for the implementation of proper preparation and application procedures.
    • Our specialized procedures and techniques are constantly monitored to assure successful results and to maintain our pride as the best waterproofing company in the industry.
    • As noted before, we utilize a full fabric reinforcement in all of our black-line systems. We can also provide a full fabric reinforcement system for our deck coating systems, if required.